Curry Rice with Pork Belly Recipe

Total Time: 2½ hours Serves: 4-6

5 medium yellow onions, bare-ass and thinly sliced into half-moons, ends and peel reserved for stock, and an extra half-onion for stock
1 (1-inch) piece of ginger, bare-ass and finely sliced, peel reserved for stock
four massive carrots, bare-ass and withdraw 2-inch items, ends and peel reserved for stock
four medium-large parsnips, bare-ass and withdraw 2-inch items, ends and peel reserved for stock
massive few recent herb sprigs, like parsley, thyme or oregano
eight tablespoons oil
one teaspoon ocean salt
one tablespoon dark oil
five medium sweet potatoes, bare-ass and withdraw 1½-inch chunks
nine tablespoons general-purpose flour
a pair of tablespoons hot seasoner
one tablespoon delicate seasoner
three tablespoons soy
a pair of teaspoons garam masala
one pound thinly sliced side of pork, roughly sliced (optional)
saute white or rice, for serving
Plain food, for garnish (optional)
sliced cilantro or julienned shiso, for garnish (optional)

1. Prepare vegetable stock: Place onion, ginger, carrot and parsnip peelings and ends, also as half-onion into a lidded medium pot or massive pan, then cowl with twelve cups cold water. Add herbs, cowl pot and produce to a boil medium-high heat. Once boiling, take away lid and keep at a gradual boil.

2. Meanwhile, cook vegetables: Heat a pair of tablespoons oil during a massive, significant pot over high heat. Add sliced onions, stirring to coat. Stir in salt and continue change of state, stirring sometimes, till onions have virtually utterly caramelized, a minimum of twenty minutes. Add sliced ginger and oil and cook, stirring sometimes, ten minutes additional. take away from heat.

3. Once onions area unit absolutely caramelized, strain stock over a fine-mesh sieve into an outsized pan. Add potatoes, carrots and parsnips to pot with onions, then add enough strained vegetable stock to hide vegetables (about 4½ cups). arouse a boil high heat, then decrease heat to medium and simmer till vegetables area unit hard, regarding quarter-hour.

4. Meanwhile, build curry concoction sauce: Heat half-dozen tablespoons oil over medium heat during a medium pan or pan. Dump flour into oil and stir till a paste forms. Use a wood spoon to scrape paste across bottom of pan, change of state flour till it bubbles up somewhat at the perimeters, 3-4 minutes. Add curry powders and cook, scraping bottom of pan, till fragrance sharpens and intensifies, 1-2 minutes. Spoon hot issue over concoction, one ladleful at a time, stirring with a wood spoon or a whisk till sleek and creamy. (The concoction can bubble madly.) Simmer sauce over low heat ten minutes additional. take away from heat and put aside.

5. Once potatoes and carrots area unit regarding halfway done, whisk in curry concoction sauce into preparation vegetables. Continue change of state till vegetables area unit soft within the center however not disintegrating, 10-15 minutes. sometimes check on sauce consistency. you would like a sleek and creamy sauce. If too thick, add additional stock; if too liquid, increase heat to high and boil furiously. Off heat, swirl in soy and sprinkle with garam masala.

6. Sauté side of pork, if using, during a massive pan over high heat till fat renders out, sizzles and browns. Deglaze pan with a half-ladle of curry soup, scraping brown bits off of pan’s bottom, adding additional liquid asif necessary. Stir pork into curry.

7. Serve curry with saute rice. Garnish with a generous serving to of food and a sprinkling of cilantro or shiso, if using.

Curry Rice with Pork Belly Recipe

Curry Rice with Pork Belly Recipe

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